Industrial Forces Collection

Exploring how his factory roots and earlier life influences inform his personal art reinvention, Scott delivers the 2021 series of paintings “Industrial Forces Collection”. With more than three and half decades since starting in factory production, including an unanticipated career trajectory built on team-based continuous improvement, and now traveling globally to dozens of factories to lead organizational change, Scott has ample stimulus for these nuanced industrial expressions on canvas.

To capture the grittiness and vibration of factories, the “Industrial Forces Collection” inspired experimentation with new materials, as well as familiar materials in new ways. These highly textured works combine varied viscosity acrylics, oil pastels, and mixed media in ways not previously seen in Scott’s body of work. 

We invite you to embrace your own discovery, and possibly the reflection of your own life experiences and reinvention, with the “Industrial Forces Collection” and connect to the stories and energy resonating from these factory walls. 

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